Box Damaged - Project Mc2 554202E4C Ultimate Makeover Bag STEM, Purple

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  • Brand new unopened with slight box damage to corner 
  • Customize your Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag that opens to reveal an awesome makeup mixing and storage station.
  • Create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara, and crayon makeup.
  • Take the whole bag with you wherever you go or snap off the removable palettes filled with your homemade makeup to make touch-ups on the-go even easier.
  • Includes backpack with storage, lip gloss pen, nail polish pen, hair mascara tube, cosmetic jar, 2 pipettes, experiment booklet, and makeup ingredients: crayon wheel with 6 colours, shimmer nail polish base, nail polish colorant, and scented glitter lip gloss.
  • Additional household ingredients not included

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