Box Damaged - Shopkins Lil' Secrets Shop Keypers Multi Shop Playset

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Brand new, unopened but with outer box damage

Reveal a grocery store with 3 levels to shop inside and so much more
Take a ride in the Cool Scoops Ice Cream Truck and drive around Shopville to explore all the other Secret Shops
Comes with 2 Exclusive Teeny Shoppies - Rainbow Kate and Glossie

You’ve got the key to unlock a world of surprises inside the secret small Mall!

There is so much to adore including a 3 Level supermarket, a 2 Level fashion boutique and cool scoops ice cream truck!

There are also 2 exclusive Teeny shopping to find! Help them find their keys and use it to unlock your secret small Mall.

There are so many places to explore.

There is so much to check out in the supermarket! Take your shopping cart to the checkout and spin the conveyor belt! Take the elevator to the food court and grab a juice! Then pop up to the 3rd floor and take a cool spin in the frozen aisle!

Check out the fashion boutique for the latest on-trend styles.

Try them out in the dressing room and then hit the runway! Have some ice cream at the cool scoops ice cream truck and take it for a sweet ride around Shopville!
There are 6 Secret shops and a secret small Mall.

Collect them all to build up your own Shopville street scene!

Contents: 1 x MULTI shop playset, 2 x mini Shoppies, 3 x key suitable for ages 5+