Super Zings Kazoom Lab Battle Playset Professor K Enigma NEW

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  • The final battle between Professor K and Enigma has begun! Can Enigma steal the Kazoom hidden in Professor K's lab? Live a new adventure with the Kazoom Lab Battle: Professor K vs Enigma
  • The Robok 3000 driven by Professor K will try to do everything possible to eliminate it. Will Enigma bypass the hidden traps and reach the precious elixir? If you succeed, use his aircraft to take the Kazoom!
  • Includes the super Robok 3000 driven by Professor K and an airship. Contains: 1 lab, 1 ship, 1 Robok 3000, and 1 exclusive Enigma and Professor K
  • Fire the cannonballs and robok fists, and activate the traps hidden in the lab. Action and fun are guaranteed!
  • SuperZings are everyday objects transformed into superheroes and supervillains, the fun is guaranteed! Every SuperZings figure has its rival, look for the rival pairs and form your SuperTeams. These funny figures are ideal to develop the creativity of the youngest thanks to the imaginative game in addition to promoting socialization

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